(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
n. instrument, implement, utensil, device, machine; cat's-paw, dupe, henchman, intermediary.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [An implement]
Syn. implement, utensil, machine, instrument, mechanism, weapon, apparatus, appliance, engine, means, contrivance, gadget; see also device 1 .
Common tools include: can opener, hammer, mallet, knife, adz, vise, auger, lathe, router, sander, scraper, trowel, awl, hoe, shovel, rake, spade, jack, crank, pulley, wheel, bar, crowbar, lever, sledge, winch, cam, loom, shuttle, chisel, plane, screw, brace, bit, file, saw, drill, square, chisel, shears, screwdriver, wrench, pliers, tweezers, punch, level, scissors, ax, hatchet, corkscrew, jimmy.
2. [One who permits himself to be used]
Syn. accessory, auxiliary, accomplice, hireling, dupe, intermediary, cat's-paw, medium, vehicle, agent, go-between, messenger, easy mark, stool pigeon*, jay*, hayseed*, greenhorn*, sucker*, patsy*, stooge*, come-on*, tuna*; see also servant .
Syn.- tool is commonly applied to manual implements such as are used in carpentry, plumbing, etc.; implement applies to any device used to carry on some work or effect some purpose [ agricultural implements] ; instrument specifically implies use for delicate work or for scientific or artistic purposes [ surgical instruments] and may also be applied, as are tool and implement , to a thing or person serving as a means to an end; appliance specifically suggests a mechanical or power-driven device, esp. one for household use; utensil is used of any implement or container for domestic use, esp. a pot, pan, etc.
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
1. implement instrument, utensil, gadget, labor-saving device, apparatus, mechanism, machine, contraption, contrivance, *gizmo, *doohickey, *whatsit.
band, saw comprised of rotating, toothed: band saw
chained blade: chain saw
circular saw, stationary: buzz saw, bench saw
curve-cutting, electrical saw: jigsaw, saber saw
curve-cutting handsaw: compass saw, keyhole saw, coping saw
curving ornamentation, cuts: scroll saw
grain, cuts across: crosscut saw
grain, cuts with: ripsaw
hand-powered saw used with sawbuck: bucksaw
hole-cutting saw: dial saw
Japanese craftsman’s hatchetlike saw for cutting dovetails: dozuki
Japanese craftsman’s saw with dual-edged blade that cuts on the pull stroke: ryoba
metal-cutting: hacksaw
miter-cutting circular saw: miter saw
miter-cutting guide: miter box
shallow-cutting or veneer-cutting saw: veneer saw
stationary, electrical saw with mobile bladeholding arm: radial arm saw
two-person hand-powered saw for cutting timbers: whipsaw
wire coated with tungsten carbide, used by campers: pocket saw
knives, piercers, carvers, cutters
axlike tool for trimming wood: adz
brush or sugar-cane cutter: machete
fabric-cutting shears: pinking shears
glass-cutting device: glass-cutter
grain-cutter with short, curving blade: sickle
grass-cutter with long, curving blade: scythe
hole-piercer, esp. for leather: awl
metal shears: tin snips, hawk’s bill snips
pencillike precision knife for cutting light material: precision knife, *Xacto knife
pipe-cutting tool: pipe cutter
pole with hook on end, used by lumberjacks: pickaroon
retractable blade, hollow handle with multiple-uses: utility knife
wedgelike tool that is hammered: chisel
wire-cutting pliers: wire cutter
sharpeners, shavers, smoothers
abrader: file, rasp
gouger: router
planing tool: bullnose plane, chamfering plane, planer, spokeshave
polisher: buffer
sander: belt sander, disk sander
stone for sharpening blades: whetstone
wood-turning machine used to cut, plane and shape: lathe
hammers and nail-pullers
automatic, mechanical nail-driver: nail gun
brad driver: brad pusher
clawed, nail-pulling hammer: claw hammer
claws, hammer with straight: rip hammer
hammer with rounded instead of clawed back: ball peen hammer, machinist’s hammer
long or short-handled hammer with very heavy metal head: sledgehammer
mallet filled with shot to prevent rebounding: deadblow hammer
nail-pulling steel bar resembling crowbar: cat’s paw
sledgehammer, small: engineer’s hammer
sledgehammer, sometimes having one ax edge: maul
square or cylindrical head made of wood or rubber, hammer with: mallet
tack driver, magnetized: tack hammer
wrenches and pliers
adjustable jaws, pliers with: slip-joint pliers, tongue-and-groove pliers
adjustable jaws, steel wrench with: adjustable wrench, *crescent wrench
clamping pliers: locking pliers, *Vise-Grips
English term for wrench: spanner
L-shaped, hexagonal rod: allen wrench, hex key
lug nut tightener, loosener: lug wrench
needle-nosed pliers for manipulating wire: long-nose pliers
open jaws on one end and closed, toothed ring on the other, wrench with: combination wrench
oversized nuts, large-mouthed wrench used to turn: spud wrench
pipe-turning wrench equipped with power-assisting chain: chain wrench, pipe wrench
plumber’s flat bar with varied openings down its length: faucet spanner
plumber’s heavy adjustable wrench: monkey wrench, pipe wrench
ratcheting wrench with variable socket fittings: socket wrench
screwdriver-like wrench for turning nuts and bolts in tight spaces: nut driver
toothed rings for tightening or loosening nuts, wrench with: box wrench
wire-manipulating pliers: lineman’s pliers, electrician’s pliers, long-nose pliers, fence pliers
crisscross driving head, screwdriver with: Phillips head screwdriver
powered screwdriver: screw gun ratcheting screwdriver turned by pushing
down on handle: return spiral ratchet screwdriver, impact driver
short screwdriver: *stubby
S-shaped tool that is cranked for use in tight spaces: offset screwdriver, cranked screwdriver
drill and related tools
bit-holder: chuck
borer: auger, trepan, gimlet
drilling part, variable sized: bit
hand-cranked drill: eggbeater
hole enlarger: reamer
stationary power drill: drill press
2. puppet instrument, pawn, dupe, *stooge.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I noun 1. A device used to do work or perform a task: implement, instrument, utensil. See MACHINE, MEANS. 2. A person used or controlled by others: cat's-paw, dupe, instrument, pawn2, puppet, stooge. See OVER. II verb Slang. To run and control (a motor vehicle): drive, motor, pilot, wheel. See MOVE.

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